Bellefonte Brewing Company has two locations, both open to the public and family and dog friendly! As a small Delaware business, we love doing work with other small local businesses and are always looking for opportunities to do just that! We have tons of events, indoor and out, at both of our locations year round like food truck festivals, music, video game and corn hole tournaments, and more!


Come let the friendliest brewery in Delaware pour you a pint!


Head Brewer // Owner

Brewing Co has been brewing delicious libations for nearly 10 years. His past brewing experience involves other social clubs such as The Grateful Shed as well as knowing many of the local brewers and their equipment. His Bachelors in Engineering and years of experience with production machinery gives him the mindset to troubleshoot any obstacles we may face. Plus, he brews damn good beer!


CEO // Owner

Meet one of our owners, and our CEO, Rob! He pours his heart and soul into every beer, and is one of the big reasons we're coming out on top as the world recovers from the year that was 2020. He's always at one of the breweries, so make sure to give him a cheers when you see him!


President // Owner

Brandon Graduated from Salesianum High School in 2009 and University of Delaware in 2013. Brandon has worked in New York City in business intelligence, while also managing a sales and service portion of a local contracting company. 



We have a huge team of employees for front and back of house, including bartenders, owners, a marketing team, and more! You can usually find a few of us milling about the tap room, because even when we aren't working, we're here! We refer to it as the Bellefonte Fam, and can't wait to get to know you as a regular to expand that fam squad!